A cosmetics company’s foot lotion was changing color over time.  Why?  Pam Lewis & Associates assessed the formula, optimized and buffered the pH and stabilized the product.

An industrial client had a product containing ingredients that appeared on California’s Proposition 65.  Pam Lewis & Associates reformulated the product, removing the chemicals of concern.  The much-improved product has reentered the market.

A drug company needed a wound gel base that would be compatible with its patented active ingredient.  Pam Lewis & Company offered alternative components for the client’s consideration.  The end result?  The new formulation is currently in clinical trials.

“We’d like to combine these three botanicals in a hand and body wash,” the cosmetics company said.  Pam Lewis & Associates successfully sourced the raw materials, compounded them for compatibility and formulated the desired product.

This biotechnology company needed a manufacturer for its challenging manufacturing process..  Pam Lewis & Associates helped the company quickly understand its manufacturing options, sourced and obtained bids from contract manufacturers and advanced the product through pilot production without a hitch.

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