“Pam Lewis & Associates reduced our product development timeline and costs by being very responsive to our formulation needs, allowing us to accelerate our speed to market. The company is not only a valued research resource, but its service orientation is second to none."

Ian Clements
Chief Executive Officer
ViroXis Corporation

“MacuCLEAR is a specialty biopharmaceutical development company that is developing a novel drug to treat and prevent the progression of dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration (Dry AMD). The company's technology is based on the work of Dr. George Chiou, the inventor of Timolol, the leading treatment for Glaucoma, and a Director of the Ocular Pharmacologic Institute at Texas A&M.

MacuCLEAR needed an outside resource to help with the preclinical development of a topically delivered formulation of Dr. Chiou's proprietary technology. Due to a delay in the original funding of the company, MacuCLEAR needed an expert resource that could support its development objectives, respond quickly in order to meet critical milestones, and do it efficiently without a lot of superfluous work and overhead in keeping with the company's limited financial resources. Pam Lewis and Associates, Inc. was selected from several possible outside resources, and they have exceeded the company's expectations on all the factors stated above. Five months into our relationship we highly endorse PLA and their capabilities."

Philip G. Ralston, Jr.
President and CEO
MacuCLEAR, Inc.

“Pam Lewis & Associates offered us multiple formulations for the development of new products, alternative formulations for established products, and unique ideas for varied formulations for new products with diverse uses in the horse and pet industry. Pam greatly assisted us in expanding our product lines by providing varied feed formulations for the development of products for therapeutic and performance gain in both foreign and domestic markets."

Janet K. Sauber
President and CEO
J.M. Saddler, Inc.

“When bringing new technologies to market, it's important to accelerate results. Pam Lewis & Associates identified the cause of performance variations in a key product, rescuing the project from a large commercial vendor. Their nimble structure allowed ETI to move from contract to test results within two months, saving precious time and money."

Margaret Crowe
Emergent Technologies, Inc

“Pam Lewis & Associates was able to offer many ideas for alternative components for our product and new sources for raw materials and manufacturing.  This saved us weeks, even months, of research time.  In addition to the company's vast experience and expertise, it is very accessible and a pleasure to work with.”

Michelle Friesenhahn
Wilby Creative Inc./Auburnia

“Pam Lewis & Associates helped us to quickly understand our contract manufacturing options and advanced our product development cycle from formulation through final manufacturing.”

Sr. Director, Product Development
OrthoLogic Corporation

“Pam Lewis & Associates is very knowledgeable in gel formulation development.  The quality of their work is superb and they always meet deadlines.”

Project Manager/Senior Scientist
Orthologic Corporation

“Pam Lewis & Associates has enhanced our expectations of our product by being attentive to every detail and producing formulation with efficiency, which was a cost savings to our company”

Armando Martinez
Gericho Solution

“Pam Lewis & Associates has developed custom spa quality amenities for my Inn, providing a special touch to each room and cabin.”

Deb Rose, Ph.D.
D'Rose Inn and Cabins

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